Tuesday, May 18, 2010

.:: ♥ gO fuNky!!! ♥ ::.

Material : Yoyo (Almost similar to Jojet)

Normal Price: RM 10/pc
Fabulouz Shawl's Member: RM 8/pc
CODE: GF 001** SOLD OUT **
(sold: Rosni, Eza, Intan)
CODE: GF 002** SOLD OUT **
(sold: Athirah, Eza, Intan)
CODE: GF 003** SOLD OUT **
(sold: Fariza, Nurulhidayah, Intan)
CODE: GF 004** SOLD OUT **(sold: Athirah, Eza)
CODE: GF 005** SOLD OUT **(sold: Yah, Athirah)
"To order, please fill up the order form here."

** You still can make reservations for SOLD OUT items & we will restock for u!!! **



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