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♥ Fabulouz Shawl

"To all our beloved customer, just share with us your pic wearing Fabulouz Shawl... Thanks to all of you who always give us ur full support..."

 ~Nadya wearing CF 002~

 ~Tka wearing CL 002~

  ~Natasha wearing PK 011~

~Suria wearing DR 001~

~Tini wearing PF 005~

~Ms. Lala wearing DR 006~

~Umie Naim wearing PK 013 & SP 005~
 ** (credit to her for editing) **

~Nadia wearing PH 004~

~Reen wearing CF 001~

~Fauzan (Right) wearing FS 002~

~Haslinda wearing PK 005~

~Nadia wearing SR 012 in her own style... (Arabian style) Cute!!! ~

~Ms. Lalacomot wearing BS 001~

~Ms. Lalacomot again with DR 009!!~

~Ms.Tia wearing BL 005 in her own style~

~Nadia - Look gorgeous with AL 009~

~Yana - Gorgeous mummy to be!! Wearing FH 007 and MBA 019~

"Send your lovely pic here."
Thank you to all of yOu!!~

~Fabulouz Shawl~  



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